Requesting A Sprite From Sprite Inc.

Dear spriters over at Sprite inc.!

Hi! If you’re reading this, it means you facechecked a link on a forum from a unrecognized URL. Big no-no. But anyways! I need your help on something. I’m animating a fun little project of mine – a Mega Man story that stretches canon a little bit, but nonetheless depicts the passing of the torch from Mega Man to Mega Man X.

Here’s a scene from Mega Man : Origin of X Part II

I’m currently planning a battle that takes place on a tower between Mega Man and Vile someone cool, and I need a Mega Man 8 style sprite of him shooting upwards. It doesn’t have to be super cool or complex, I can do a little bit of editing myself if needed, anything works really. I’m not uppity about the sprite and will take any and all volunteer’s sprites (heck, I’ll probably find a way to use them all at one point or another and give each of you a shoutout).

I’m not a stickler for details, and you have the freedom to edit / create / design a sprite of Mega Man (8 style) shooting upwards in any position, whether it be standing, crouching, or from a climbing position.

Thanks for checking it out, and I hope you’ll keep a casual tab on the project, I’m really pulling out all the stops for Part 3, it’s my most ambitious project yet.

Take it easy Mega Man fans, and support Keiji Inafune’s middle finger to Capcom new kickstarter project.

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