Mega Man – Origin of X Part II

The second part to the Mega Man X origin story is here! This chapter sees Mega Man, Zero, Mega Man X, and Bass face off against Let and his Dragonbrood clan, except something is wrong…

Here is the tracklist for the movie:

1. Golbez’ Four Emperors – Final Fantasy IV
2. Last Man Standing – Breath of Fire III
3. Mega Man X2 Boss Battle Remix
4. War Tiger – Breath of Fire III
5. Boss Appearance – Mega Man 8
6. The Deranged World (Stage Select BGM2) – Mega Man X5
7. X-Buster – Rockman Holic Album
8. Boss Battle – Mega Man 8
9. The Hidden Truth – Chrono Trigger
10. Boss Battle – Beyond The Beyond
11. Unmee no Haguruma – Rurouni Kenshin
12. Title Screen – Mega Man 7
13. Dragon God – Chrono Cross
14. The Reploid King – Mega Man X5

Mega Man : Origin of X Part III is in production now!

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