Apps For Your iPad or iPhone

Thinking about getting a tablet? One thing everyone on the fence about getting a tablet must do is brainstorm. Ask yourself if you have many practical uses for the device, or if you’ll just play around with a few apps, check your email then go back to using your computer. Tablets are definitely awesome investments, and for those who have an idea what they’ll do with their device but have not got around to buying one – Do it already! You’ll be glad you did.

One last thing before I begin – Warranty! You can’t go wrong with either decision you make, but personally, I bought Apple’s 2 year warranty on my iPad. I probably won’t need it, but $100 dollars for 2 years of free replacement is too good a bargain to pass up. There’s no need to be super duper careful with your device: I opted to use Apple’s (minimal protection) sleek carrying case, as opposed to a ten pound protective box I would have chose if I had no warranty.

This is the Apple Smart Case I use.


Anyways, so many decisions, where to begin?

Web Shortcuts

The easiest thing to do is to fill a page of web shortcuts. You can give each of your favorite sites to visit an icon on your tablet home! For those that really like a certain web browser, the app for that browser is most likely available (for free) in the store.

Utility Apps / Shortcuts

You can start with basic apps and shortcuts for email and any social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,etc that you use. If applicable to you, also consider shortcuts and apps for :

  • Stocks
  • Paypal
  • Your bank
  • Skype
  • Your blog dashboard
  • Any work related business


Not many people buy tablets for the purpose of playing games, but fun is definitely something one can have with a tablet. Apps to consider:

  • Puzzle Apps -┬áLogiGrid is probably the best logic puzzle app available. Games like Flow and Unblock Me are fun portable-friendly puzzlers as well
  • Games – RPGs are a dime-a-dozen in the App Store. The best value in terms of playtime, fun, and game design is surprisingly the most expensive game in the store (As far as I know), Final Fantasy Tactics : War of the Lions. It may be a port of a port, but it contains the extras found in the PSP version, and is simply a must play for RPG fans who haven’t played it yet. Law and Order Legacies is a fun game for Mystery fans.
  • “Bus Ride Apps” – The Angry Birds, Doodle Jump, type of games.
  • A/V Utility Apps – Apps like Shazam, and the VLC Streamer, which allow you to stream video from your laptop to your tablet device.
  • A/V Streamer Apps – Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, etc

That’s only a start. I’m still finding new and improved ways to use my iPad everyday!

Enjoy your tablet!


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