10 BGM Pieces That Have Inflated My Play Time

That moment where you’ve accidentally read the dialogue on the screen three times because you’re too busy listening to the BGM. I had a lot of difficulty narrowing these down to ten, so I decided to make things easier by not picking too many songs from the same game. It worked out quite nicely, a lot of different composers and musical styles are represented here.

I hope songs don’t get stuck in your head easily, you’ll be whistling these for weeks!

.Hack : Infection – Water Capital Mac Anu — One of my favorite town themes.

Suikoden – Forgotten days — Plays during the scene where the Star Dragon Sword sends Tir and co. 300 years back in time.

Lufia 2 – Prophet — A large part of why this game is #1 on this list.

Final Fantasy IV – Long Way To Go — Plays when Cecil is offered the chance to clean his bloodied hands and become a Paladin. Reading this while you listen might make you want to play the game. Just make sure you don’t make the same mistakes I did.

Beyond The Beyond – Mountain Cottage — Another one of my favorite town themes.

Breath of Fire 3 – Guild — Theme for the junkyard town

Final Fantasy VII – Cosmo Canyon — Simply reading the name has me inclined to whistle it.

Suikoden 3 – Stupid Ducks — Theme for the duck village. I only remember the very forgettable portion of the story that occurs in the town because of this awesome BGM.

Chrono Trigger – Undersea Palace — One of the better dungeon themes. Did I mention how big of a fan I am of this series?

Honorable Mention

Chrono Cross – Time of The Dreamwatch & Ancient Dragon’s Fort – Two of my favorite tracks from my favorite composer, Yasunori Mitsuda. The great Puff Daddy once said that you have to sell producers on your music within the first 15 seconds. These  two songs each have some fairly lengthy buildups, but they’re awesome.

Lufia 2 – The One Who Will Save The Earth – Another favorite of mine, if for some odd reason you haven’t seen the SNES version’s ending, go here. It doesn’t spoil the best ending possible in the remake.

Tales of Vesperia – Dawn of Departure – I must admit, I’ve definitely left my TV on just to hear the title theme for a bit. Title Themes don’t count though!

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